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June 27, 2012
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As the days become the months become the years... by dookyIKRdooky As the days become the months become the years... by dookyIKRdooky
Damn. I had this almost finished piece of South Parkery on the hard-drive for almost a year. Well, best get it out of the way.

No I haven't watched the latest South Park episodes. Or even the later half of season 15. The stand out of the early half of that season was the cliffhanger which was both daring and frustrating given the obvious resolution that came later. The rest was for the most part was very mediocre and fell flat for me.
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Well, as society evolves, we're allowed to get away with more edgy stuff on TV. Not to mention that the "eat your own parents" thing actually WAS in the easy days.
Stan: Kyle, I don't think we're in the 90s anymore.
GeoLigar Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe yeah this pretty much sums up south park today. That or Cartman exploit's Butters innocence for his own personal gain or just messes with him.
See, if tv show producers realized that one should quit while tehy're ahead...
kligzward Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I hate that crap too.
Heh. Awesome sinister face. Indeed the times have changed in that show.
"Did we mention that we're much edgier than The Simpsons? Were we too subtle? What if Cartman cut Bart into tiny little pieces?"
xWARZARDx Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I believe in later seasons they actually got a korean animation team to do their animation for this instead what they were originally doing. South Park decided to go political and people have been divided on that issue. I'm just glad in the recent one they bashed Romney, Gingrich, & Santorum and left Ron Paul out of it, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey xD!!!
andyofcomixinc Jun 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Eh, South Park eventually realized that Eric Cartman can't at all come off as likable so they made him the most evil little twat in the whole thing. It all came to a head in a recent episode in which he TEAMED UP WITH THE DARK LORD CTHULHU, and STILL came off as the MORE EVIL ONE.

I actually prefer it, in the same way I prefer dopey everything's-peaches religious nutjob Ned Flanders to mildly irritating early-season Ned Flanders, or super he-must-be-high-on-something insane Spongebob to early-season "everyman with a heart of gold" Spongebob. It's just how things evolve.
I haven't seen much new episodes myself, yet some of the ones I've seen are great (Cartoon Wars and The Ring). My most favourite episodes, though, are both versions of the pilot and the movie, as they aren't just satire, but some of the biggest pieces of charisma South Park's ever had.
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